Request an Engagement

Below is the easiest way to request to see me. This helps streamline the booking & vetting process so that we can connect as soon as possible! This is also my first impression of you, and something I will remember. If you like, you may email the information requested directly to me at
For screening, I require one of the following options—
✤ Employment verification in the form of any two (2) of the following— an email to my unlisted email address from your work email, your LinkedIn, a photo of your business card, or a link to your company website.
✤ Photo ID (information other than name, photo & DOB may be omitted)
If you choose the latter option, please email the photo directly to me after filling out the form.
References are also helpful, but I don’t take them alone for screening. If you’d like to use references, I’ll still need your name & phone number.
Contact Me
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