About Me

I have a lust for life. As long as I can remember, I have longed to experience every unique aspect of it that I can. Perhaps more daringly, I feel an urgency to hone my time in a way that manifests the parts of myself that reflect the sublime dimensions of the world. I spend much of my time creating, my favorite mediums involving pencil, ink and textiles. I also love to meet new people and to open my heart to their experience. What their passions, goals, desires, and fears are, what they find to be beautiful & exciting… what life means to them. My goal is really just that within this space of openness, we can experience something sublime together— something like art. Truly what I dream of is the type of experience that causes you to feel at once at home, while also as if something has shifted— new unique, and wonderful. This encompasses how I try to live my life, and why I cherish the opportunity I have to connect with you.

I tell you: one must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star. ―Friedrich Nietzsche


Full name: Fayette Nikita Gaultier

Height: 5′ 6″

Body type: Willowy

Hair color: Dark auburn

Eye color: Surprise ♡

Dress size: US 2

Bust size: 32B

Shoe Size: US 6.5

Grooming: Soft, trimmed/natural

MBTI: I am an INFP


Topics: Philosophy, psychology, religious studies, arts (especially fashion), science fiction, and fantasy.

Sounds: Classical, Shoegaze, dark alternative/gothic, industrial… my tastes tend towards the moody & atmospheric, with artists like The Cure, Siouxsie, Slowdive, Björk, Cocteau Twins, Christoph De Babalon, Robert Rich and Boris being some of my favorites.

Cuisine: Japanese, French, Ethiopian, and Korean are a few of my favorites. I always appreciate food that is locally sourced.

Activities: Massage, exploring museums & galleries, trying new foods, watching horror movies, creative projects, visiting botanical gardens, live music, & cuddling